The Roche Foundation Medicine collaboration

Roche Foundation Medicine are collaborating to pioneer progress in precision medicine for cancer patients around the world

As part of our long-standing commitment to pioneering progress in precision medicine, molecular insights leader Foundation Medicine has become a member of the Roche Group. Thanks to Roche’s expertise and commitment in oncology and Foundation Medicine’s leading technology, validation and experience in cancer profiling, together we are:1

  • Increasing understanding of tumours and providing insights on clinical trials to consider, to enable smarter, more efficient research and development
  • Improving patient care by providing genomic insights with associated targeted therapies, immunotherapies and relevant clinical trials

Jeske Timmermans about her hopes and ambitions towards genomic profiling (Dutch spoken video 1:27 min.)
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What is genomic profiling? Dr. Stijn Crobach explains (Dutch spoken video 1:15 min.)
  1. Roche Media Release, 2018. Available at: (Accessed March 2019).